Andrew Leger

Registered Counselling Therapist  MEd, CCC, RCT-C

Greetings! My name is Andrew Leger and I am Registered Counselling Therapist candidate with the Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists. I graduated with my Masters of Education in Counselling from Acadia University in 2020. I am a dedicated, community-minded and family-centered person who enjoys the outdoors and staying physically active. I enjoy living within the Halifax community with many of their hiking trails, parks and beaches nearby. I have been fortunate enough to raise my three teenage children here where outdoor recreation activities are accessible.

I would describe my counselling approach as integrative. This approach includes being strength-based, person-centered, motivational, solution-focused and narrative. If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD, family or relationship issues then I want to work collaboratively with you. I appreciate the courage it takes for you to share your story and I will give you the necessary time and space to do so. I recognize that you are the expert of your life.
I care about how you face these changes in your life. I understand that change can be challenging; reaching out to talk with a counsellor is one of the first steps. Taking this small step can go a long way toward reaching your desired goals. You might be finding that communicating with your adolescent children to be overwhelming or you might be feeling weighed down by family or relationships issues are affecting your health and well-being. I am available and want to listen to your concerns. I believe counselling can provide you with the hope for change that you are looking for.
Here are a few more things that you might want to know about me. I grew up in Moncton, NB where I am the eldest of nine children in my family. Family has always been a foundation of support in my life. I have learned from my family the importance of depending on others for support. I recognize the strength of those relationships and bonds that can exist within the family unit. I am interested in family and couples counselling and the approaches developed by the John and Julie Gottman (Gottman Method), Sue Johnson (Emotional Focused Therapy) and Daniel Hughes (Attachment Focused Therapy). I care about the well-being of families and their impact on society.

My family values have taught me about giving back to the community in order to share and provide opportunities for others. I believe that community is a place where people collectively gather together in order to celebrate, share, resolve conflict and grow. Community can provide diverse groups of people the chance to develop and build trusting relationships where they feel that they truly belong.

When I joined Covenant House Toronto more than 20 years ago and their unique community volunteers program, I went for my orientation in New York. I recall one of the day long workshops that was led by an experienced counsellor. This workshop focused on providing the volunteers like myself with the necessary tools and skills to help understand better my behaviours and emotions while living with others in community. This experience had a long lasting influence on me and how to work through interpersonal struggles whether at home, school or work.

I recognize the value of childhood play and games in providing meaningful and nurturing opportunities for engagement and structure. I continue to volunteer coaching sports whether it be basketball, soccer or softball teams. I enjoy watching children grow and develop by learning new skills while playing and having fun. There are times when I will even pull out a board or card game in order to engage with anyone who wants to join in on the fun.

I have explored other opportunities to work in other communities throughout my life: group homes in Toronto with adults who have disabilities, travelling overseas to Nairobi, Kenya to work with children on the streets and moving to Halifax to work as an employment counsellor and teacher with at-risk youth. These sort of experiences have taught me about the therapeutic impact of building those relationships while doing that community work.

I value setting goals and taking the necessary steps to achieve those goals. One way that I do this is by journaling which helps me with setting goals. I believe that journaling helps with clarifying and externalizing my feelings and thoughts. One of the goals that I have journaled about was to complete a marathon. From just imagining running a marathon, I have been able to run a few marathons in my lifetime. Preparing for a marathon takes a lot of hard work and setting reasonable short and long term goals. The process of getting ready for a marathon race can be filled with lots of ups and downs both physically and emotionally. Do you know who inspired me to pursue running ? It was these same at-risk youth who would diligently practice as a group and run in these races.

I value the need for counselling in our community. I want counselling to allow you to feel supported with defining and pursuing your goals in a confidential and safe space. I care about your relationships and I want to be part of the healing process in order to help build healthier and stronger individuals, families and communities. I believe that you have the potential to create the necessary changes in your life. By working together on achieving these little successes, this will help with overcoming those bigger life challenges.




Registered Counselling Therapist Candidate, Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists RCT-C20-021

Psychotherapist, Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association CCC 10001805