• Brinn Mckenzie

    Brinn Mckenzie

    Program Outreach Coordinator
    Couch of Hope

    My name is Brinn Mckenzie and I am a volunteer at the couch of HOPE program and am very excited to be able to support and help the clinic and their clients. I am a 4th year Bachelor of Science student majoring in Psychology and Sociology at Acadia University with a desire to continue my studies with a Masters program in Counselling Psychology.

    I grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia and have always had a deep passion for helping others who may be struggling or finding themselves in vulnerable situations. This passion stems from my own experiences of dealing with my own mental health issues and with some of my friends at that critical period in our lives. I got involved with counselling services at that stage in my life and have learned the value of those services and how critical it is for so many people and would now would like to make it my life’s work to be able to help others in the same way. My interest lies in working within the areas of anxiety, depression, relationship issues with peers or others. But as my education develops in the counselling field, I am so eager to find other areas of interest to add to this list.

    I am so excited to share HOPE with as many people and look forward to hearing from you!