• Jenna Bouwman

    Jenna Bouwman

    Program Outreach Coordinator
    Couch of Hope

    My name is Jenna Bouwman (She/Her), and I am a volunteer at the Couch of HOPE program. I am 21 years old and I am currently living in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, while I study in my fourth year at Acadia University. Currently, my focus is on political sciences with a minor in sociology, and I have a strong desire to continue my studies into a Bachelor of Education with the goal of entering into Education Leadership down the road.

    I grew up in both Guelph and Stratford, Ontario, prior to moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have had a handful of volunteering experiences, including working with children, elderly people, Jumpstart, the SMILE Program at Acadia and Adsum House Halifax. I have also contributed to Acadia’s Athenaeum for three consecutive years writing about pressing issues, which has highlighted the impact of words and communication with others.

    I know the importance of counselling services from my own experiences with mental health. That support has made it easier for me to relate and form deep and meaningful connections with people through vulnerable communication and practicing emotional awareness, acceptance and empathy.

    I was met with many unforeseen changes in my life, growing up, that I am blessed to say have helped me to adapt to change, work to contribute to others and accept all people. I believe in equity for all, honesty and kindness. I have seen and experienced the ability of true kindness to inspire resilience in people time and time again, even in this unprecedented time of Covid. After all, kindness is love with work boots on!

    I am thrilled to be working with the HOPE team and I look forward to hearing from you!