• Michelle Labine

    Michelle Labine

    Clinic Owner

    Registered Counselling Therapist

    MA, RCT-C, CCC

    Practicum Supervisor 

    Hey, I’m glad you stopped by! My name is Michelle (she/her) and I’m a Registered Counselling Therapist. My practice focuses on working with individuals and couples on anything relationships!

    Some people come to couples counselling with their partners to work on their relationship together. Others come individually to work on their relationship; perhaps their partner is not interested in therapy or is not yet ready. I work with people who are in monogamous and consensual non-monogamous relationships. Common goals for intimate partner relationship therapy might be to learn new tools, to improve communication, to practice expression of expectations, to find ways to re-connect, and to minimize conflict like the criticize-withdraw dance partners may have co-created over time.

    Our sexual health is an essential part of our overall emotional and physical well being; issues with sexuality can often be a reason people seek relationship therapy. I am a trained sex therapist, practicing under supervision as part of the ASSECT certification track. Sex Therapy is a specialized psychotherapy designed to help individuals and partners address medical, psychological, personal and interpersonal factors related to their sexuality.

    People seek out relationship counselling for reasons other than intimate partner.

    Some people might come to therapy when they have experienced a major life transition, a move, a job change, they are blending families, they’ve experienced a break up, gender identity, sexual orientation and more. This type of therapy is about relationship with self and identity work.

    Others might come to counselling to work on relationships in their life such as those at work, with friends or with family. Common goals might be to work on boundaries, how to say no, how to say yes (and mean it), and how to be clear in asking for what you need. Setting up parameters helps us to show up at our best, in relationship with others.

    As your therapist I work from a client-centered approach. This means I join you where you are and I walk with you. I am not the expert in our relationship-you are. My role is like that of a tour guide, with my training and experience I am able to point things out you may want to see like a blind spot or a new perspective. I am able to offer you insight, increased self-awareness and support you in the experiment of new strategies.

    I offer a safe, inclusive and affirming space in my therapy room to explore possibilities. My promise to you is to show up at my best to create a meaningful therapeutic relationship that will provide the means for lasting change and personal growth.

    I look forward to connecting,




    Some Things Clients Have Said About Michelle…

    • “Michelle and her team were amazing in working with our family.” 
    • “I was rather reluctant to go to counselling for a long time. When I finally did, I learned more about myself in the first session with Michelle than I had in a long time.”
    • “My partner and I are both strong people and Michelle handles us well. We feel like we’re in good hands.”
    • “I really enjoy my sessions with Michelle the way she steers and probes has helped me to dig a little deeper into the issues.”
    • “Michelle will tell you as she sees it. We really appreciated her no non-sense approach”
    • “We are grateful for Michelle and everything she has done for our family.”
    • “We were both feeling quite hopeless coming to counselling. It was our last chance to save our marriage. We are happier now than we’ve ever been. We should have done this 20 years ago. We definitely recommend Michelle.”


    Current Studies & Training:

    • Sex Therapist
    • Doctoral Candidate Counselling Psychology


    • Registered Counselling Therapist Candidate, NSCCT, RCT-C20-003
    • Psychotherapist, CCPA, CCC 10002953

    Professional Experience and Credentials:

    • Business Leader & Coach
    • Entrepreneur for 13+ years
    • Adult Educator & Trainer
    • Mental Health Professional 15+ years
    • Grief & Loss Counselling Certification
    • Intensive Narrative Therapy Certification
    • Sand Tray Training
    • Post-Graduate Borderline Personality Disorder Training
    • Post-Graduate Anxiety & Depression Intervention Training
    • Post-Graduate Suicide Recognition & Intervention Training
    • EFT Couples Training
    • Gottman Method Couples Level 1 and Level 2 Training
    • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Sexual Dysfunctions Training
    • Buehler Institute Trained Sex Therapy

    Areas of Focus in Private Practice:

    • Relationship Therapy Individuals, Couples and Families
    • Sex Therapy
    • Domestic Violence

    2021 Continued Education:

    • Core Concepts and Interventions in EFT
    • EFT Stage 1 Reaching De-Escalation
    • EFT Stages 2-3: Deepening Engagement & Consolidation
    • Impasses & Challenges in EFT
    • Gottman Method Couples Therapy Clinical Training Level One
    • Gottman Method Couples Therapy Clinical Training Level Two
    • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Sexual Dysfunctions
    • Foundations of Sexual Identity
    • Men’s Sexual Problems
    • DSM5 and Men’s Sexual Problems
    • DSM5 and Women’s Sexual Problems
    • Cybersex
    • Ethics in Sex Therapy
    • History of Sexology
    • LGBTQ+ Relationships
    • Orientation and Gender
    • 30 hours: Assessment Techniques, Theoretical Approaches to Sex Therapy, Ethical Therapy with Transgender Clients, Solving Sex & Relationship Issues with LGB clients
    • 30 hours: Collaborative Approaches to Genito-Pelvic Pain/Penetration Disorder, Sexual Reproduction, Sexual Problems, Mental Disorders & Disability
    • Overcoming Effects of Abuse
    • PLISSIT Model
    • Sex, Pleasure and the Brain
    • Sexology Research Methods
    • Sexual Anatomy
    • Sexual Development
    • Sexual Diversity
    • Substance Disorders & Sexuality
    • Systemic Sex Therapy
    • Women’s Sexual Problems
    • Sexual Health
    • The Power of Connection- Gabor Mate
    • Exploring the Mind-Body Connection- Gabor Mate
    • The Five Levels of Compassion- Gabor Mate
    • Compassion and Understanding Versus Judgements & the Disease Model- Gabor Mate
    • Stress & Trauma on the Developing Child- Gabor Mate
    • Brain Science, Physiology & the Role of Attachment from Birth to Adulthood- Gabor Mate