• Robyn Smith

    Robyn Smith

    Registered Private Practice Therapist MSW, RSW


    My name is Robyn. I provide holistic, client-centered counselling services to individuals across the lifespan. I have been registered with the Nova Scotia College of Social Workers since 2014.

    I am passionate about supporting young people and adults as they navigate various life challenges. I value the importance of key relationships and recognize that working through individual matters or difficult family dynamics can be stressful and isolating. Feeling overwhelmed and alone can result in feelings of anxiety, low mood, dysregulated emotions, maladaptive coping mechanisms or a general sense of feeling stuck in a cycle of unhealthy patterns.

    My approach to counselling is founded in an understanding that healing occurs when people are able to identify, label and integrate feelings that they may have disowned during difficult times. Acknowledging distressing emotions – and re-framing personal experiences –  can help people reconnect to self and others. And while vulnerability can feel scary, I believe it is a necessary and valuable emotion that allows people to normalize uncomfortable feelings, rediscover personal strengths and re-establish healthy boundaries and honor lived experiences.

    My goal as a therapist is to provide a safe space for people to develop therapeutic skill sets that work for them. I draw on a variety of evidence-based modalities tailored to support personal growth and interpersonal wellness, and I believe that everyone can benefit from counselling, including me.


    Contact: Intake@MLfamilycounselling.com


    Private Practitioner

    Nova Scotia College of Social Workers, Registration #3025