Polyamorous Couples Therapy in Halifax

Polyamorous couples and those in ethically non-monogamous or open relationships face a unique set of experiences in their relationship. ML Family Counselling therapists are experienced in working with non-traditional couples and families and are welcoming to couples from all walks of life.

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It’s not uncommon for a partner to be unwilling to go to couples’ therapy. Have a serious talk about what you are feeling and why you would like to go to therapy. If they are still resistant, attending individual therapy on your own can still be beneficial to your relationship.

Even a relationship that appears “normal” can benefit from therapy. There does not have to be a major event or inciting incident. Issues that may seem minor like conflict resolution or disagreements could be assisted by therapy.

If you are finding that there is poor communication between yourself and your partner, you are feeling lonely and unfulfilled in your relationship, or you are trying to tackle and adjust to a major life event, these can all be reasons to seek couples’ therapy. Many couples wait much longer than they should before seeking out therapy.

No one can answer this question but yourself. Asking yourself this question may be the first sign that it's time to talk to someone. If you believe that you may need outside help, reach out to our intake coordinator to find the therapist that could be the right fit for you.   

Family therapy can help when communication and relationships in your family are being affected for any reason. Individual therapy can help with one person’s struggles and emotions, but family therapy will look outside the individual and focus on the struggles of the family unit. Family can mean the entire family or a smaller unit of two. The goal of family therapy is to provide support and strengthen the relationships and emotional health of the family.

There’s no easy answer to this question. Generally, it is recommended that you continue therapy until you feel that your goals in attending therapy have been reached. Your therapist will work together with you to map out these goals and timelines.

Everyone is Welcome