• Teens Therapy

    Teens Therapy

    Are you the loving parent of a teen who is struggling? Are you left wondering what you can do to help them feel better? Perhaps, you’ve noticed changes in your teen’s mood, behaviour or priorities and you wonder if it will get worse?

    Maybe connection with your teen is becoming increasingly difficult. You know your teen has so much potential and you wish they could see what you see.  You’re concerned about them, you want to help and are looking for support.  But, it can be overwhelming to reach out to a counsellor because you want to make sure you find someone who really connects with your teen and who also keeps you in the loop.

    While working with your teen, we also enlist you as a partner in the therapy process; you provide critical support on the home front. What this partnership looks like depends on what is mutually decided upon with your teen in terms of confidentiality and privacy. Therapy provides a space for your teen to explore, understand and develop strategies.

    Imagine what it would feel like not to constantly worry about your teen and to know they’ll ask for help when they need it. They would feel better about themselves and you would feel better about their ability to handle difficult situations and offer support when they need it.