Hello! Do you find it difficult to talk about experiences in life that are dear to your heart? Are you  weighed down with feelings of anxiety and stress as a result? And are you experiencing  relationship challenges with your partner and are feeling alone, disconnected, and unsure of  how to address your situation? Come, talk to me. Let us work together to identify the  source of your concerns and explore ways in which you can reconnect, and strengthen your  relationship. I understand that each of us experience difficulties in life, and I know that it  can cause us to feel as if we are alone and without support. I know that it is of utmost  importance to engage with a therapist who understands your story and is willing to sit  beside you on your journey; I am here to help you. 

     As one with a background in nursing, education, psychology and social anthropology, I spent  approximately two decades working in Health, Education and Mental Health disciplines.  My passion for people centered care and serving those around me informed my  understanding about people’s life journey and the elements necessary for providing  meaningful support. This awareness allowed me to shift my focus to psychotherapy. 

     Relationship, intimacy, sex and sexuality are fundamental to our human experience. Similar  to other areas of our lives, problems and issues do arise in relationships. I provide a safe,  welcoming and non-judgmental space to talk about and explore this vital part of your  journey. I have an avid interest in working with individuals and couples in intimate partner  relationship, whose intention is to revitalize and strengthen their relationship bonds; excel in  their communication exchange; deepen their connection with each other; and recover and  repair harm cause by conflict.

     My practice is informed by the belief that the client knows best and that they have in-built  resources that they can draw on with the support, encouragement and facilitation of a  therapist. Connecting with a therapist whose work is steeped in empathy, unconditional  positive regard and authenticity creates the most conducive environment where  transformation can happen.  

     My therapeutic practice appreciates an eclectic approach that centers an Afro-centric orientation and creates a fusion with person-centered, narrative based, emotion focused;  and an emphasis on self-compassion and mindfulness. I am trained in Narrative therapy and  currently pursuing a doctorate in Clinical Sexology. 

     I hold a Master’s of Education in Counselling degree and am a licensed Registered  Counseling Therapist (Candidate) with the regulatory body, Nova Scotia College of  Counseling Therapist (NSCCT). I am also a Certified Canadian Counsellor (CCC) with the  Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).


I look forward to connecting, 


Everyone is Welcome