Welcome! My name is Taylor Armstrong, and I use she/her pronouns. I am a registered counselling therapist (candidate) with the Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists. I hold degrees from the University of Western Ontario (BA), and Yorkville University (MA).

     I work collaboratively with my clients to create a therapeutic relationship where the client is positioned as the expert on their own life. This stance informs my person-centred, culturally responsive approach. In my work with clients, I utilize an eclectic method, drawing from a variety of therapeutic modalities which allows me to tailor my approach to the client’s unique needs and therapeutic goals.

     I believe all people possess within them the inner knowing necessary to facilitate growth and change. At times, trauma, life stressors, and structural barriers may impact a person’s ability to access and harness these resources. My role as the therapist is to walk alongside my clients, offering guidance as necessary, while they journey towards health and healing. I hope to offer my clients a space that is safe and free from judgement, so they may show up exactly as they are. Simultaneously, I aim to enter the space as my most authentic self, drawing on theoretical knowledge and research, as well as my own lived experiences.

     Prior to beginning my work as a counselling therapist, I had a career supporting adults and adolescents experiencing homelessness. Throughout this time, I supported individuals from various communities facing oppression, marginalization, and structural barriers. I remain passionate about supporting individuals experiencing poverty and housing insecurity, as well as those struggling with substance use, trauma, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, and self-harm.

     Furthermore, I am passionate about supporting individuals and couples who are dealing with interpersonal difficulties. We are social creatures, which makes the formation and maintenance of healthy relationships an important element of our well-being. I am certified in the Gottman Method, a modality that helps couples decrease unhealthy conflict and cultivate connection. I support couplings of all ages, and forms (monogamous/open/polyamorous) who are looking to bring greater awareness, more effective communication, and harmony into their relationships.

     When I am out of office, I can be found somewhere deep in the woods with my family and our two dogs (Bodi and Riggs), at the yoga studio or by the ocean.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Everyone is Welcome