I’m glad you’re here.

     The world is certainly filled with challenges and hardship that can very quickly lend to a sense of heaviness to life. And in the face of that heaviness, we may struggle to pick up all the pieces, finding ourselves in a scramble of uncertainty as to which direction is forward. Sometimes that heaviness can take center stage in ways that push gratification and fulfillment so far out of reach that life itself then becomes something to endure.

     My goal is to help you, in the face of that heaviness, bring your best self forward, to carry that heaviness in ways that allow you to find that gratification, and most importantly, my goal is to help you connect with that sense of fulfillment, either again or for the first time.

     Seeing as we are all incredibly complex people, with strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures, ambitions, personal hardship, and a rich history of everything in between, I find it necessary to bring into our conversations as much of you, as a whole person, as you are willing to share. And just as much, I do my best to bring as much of myself as well, with my own rich history of “everything in between” to be the best support to you as I possibly can be. With that in mind, I tend to view counselling as a very dynamic space, in the sense that the answers, I believe, that will help us overcome the difficulties you face are in your own experiences, and the combination of those many parts that make you distinctly you.

     Regardless of what you’re looking for support with, my door is always open, but I would say that most individuals that I work with come to me for support with depressive moods, anxiousness, as well as trauma and PTSD.

     Another area of life that I find a focus is relationship issues. Whether it be with a partner, a family member, or a friend, those around us are integral to our lives – and being able to express ourselves and highlighting how we relate to one another plays such an important role in building a connected and thriving relationship.

     In supporting you with the difficulties you face, I prioritize a space of acceptance, based on understanding and compassion. And to help you move towards a life that is most meaningful to you, I take an approach to counselling that is guided by your values as an individual, your strengths, and a theoretical frame that is greatly guided by contextualism and a more process-based CBT.

I look forward to connecting,


Everyone is Welcome